Track Employee Training Without Spreadsheets

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Spreadsheet-beating Features Include:

Flag, no Spreadsheets

Automatic Reminders

Email reminders to employees and managers when training is due

Secure Diamond

Secure File Storage

Store training certificates and other records

responsive computer

QR Code Training Record

Each Employee has an individual QR code for quick access to their training record

Map for Cloud


Access From Any Device

tracking check mark

Progress Tracker

Track training hours, continuing education units, or percentage progress

feature toggles

Easy to use

Incredibly intuitive design. Update multiple employee records at once. No templates needed

ArchwayHR Training Tracker without Spreadsheets

Easier and more powerful than any excel template.

So many organizations we spoke to are still using spreadsheets to stay on top of employees' training. Some have never considered software. For others, everything they saw was too complicated and too expensive.

We heard again and again, "I want to save time without a major implementation and process change." So we designed the ArchwayHR Training Tracker to feel like your spreadsheet tracker, but with more power and fewer headaches.

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