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All About Certification Tracking

Monitoring employees’ certifications and ensuring they have the right skills for their positions can be challenging, making it one of the prevalent issues facing small and medium-sized businesses today. Many companies try to circumvent this by offering training programs to certify their skills, but another issue that arises is that not all employees move forward with training.

Making certification required is a great way to encourage employees to complete their training and ensure that a business finds candidates ideal for a particular position. Using an employee certification tracker can help you manage your business more effectively since it enables you to create, manage, and track your employee’s credentials. This feature is crucial for many fields that need their employees to obtain their own certifications, like the medical field. Here’s what you need to know about certification tracking:

Two Kinds of Buyers

There are generally two kinds of buyers that seek employee training trackers for their business. The first kind is primarily interested in compliance management, which means you’ll need something that helps you keep a detailed record of employee certifications. You’ll then need software equipped with all the tools and functionalities that make this easier, like tracking the certificates of all employees working in a particular company.

Buyers of this kind of software usually expect their employees to use self-service portals, which means they must submit their certificates for management approval themselves. Ideally, there are no additional hurdles to submitting this. It is also crucial for the software to have an automated notifications feature so that employees know in advance when their certifications are due to expire.

The second type of buyer is mainly interested in employee certification training programs. These buyers need to have the whole package to make compliance management easier, create training programs, and issue certifications once the employees have finished training.

The Benefits of Training Records Software

Having a certificate and training records management software can bring numerous benefits to your business. You’ll easily manage employee training and professional development and benefit from regular notifications and reminders to stay on top of all requirements. You’ll also encourage compliance with regulations required of your business. The software also grants access to certifications to all interested people, like human resources and other employees.

Once you obtain your employee certification tracker, you can organize employee certificates easily, enabling you to connect all of them to your employees. You can quickly archive these certificates in one repository and secure them, ensuring that only authorized people in your organization can access them.

Considerations to Make

While certification tracking has many benefits, you still need to consider a few things about it. For instance, many educational institutions need certification tracking software to create certificates for students, especially those studying in independent learning centers. This kind of feature is beneficial for remote learners, so you’ll need to select a learning management system that includes certification tracking and integrated functionality.

You’ll also need to think of your budget. Depending on how much you can afford, you’ll get either a cloud-based or on-premise solution. Those with limited budgets would benefit significantly from cloud-based solutions, especially those who expect users to pay a regular fee to use it, like a monthly or annual fee.


An employee certification tracking system is excellent for ensuring that employees are compliant with industry regulations. The software automates various otherwise tedious tasks, freeing up valuable free time and helping you make your operations more efficient.

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